releases 2000

The Action Time -Versus the world
Amor Belhom/Calexico -Tete a tete
Angelica -The end of a beautiful career
The Animalhouse -Ready to receive (2lp)
Apples in Stereo -Discovery of a world
Richard Ashcroft -Alone with everybody (2lp)
Ashley Park -Town and country
Asian Dub Foundation -Community music (2lp)
At the drive-in -Relationship of command
Atomic Bitchwax -II
Avenue A -Never the less
Badly Drawn Boy -Hour of the bewilderbeast
Beautiful South -Painting it red (2lp)
Beck -Midnite vultures
Belle and Sebastian -Fold your hands child
The Bevis Frond -Valedictory songs (2lp)
Bill Wells Trio -Incorrect practice
Bjork -Selmasongs
Black Heart Procession -three
Bluetip -Polymer
Boss Hog -Whiteout
Bratmobile -Ladies, women and girls
Broadcast -The noise made by people
Jeff Buckley -Mystery white boy (2lp)
Built to Spill -Live (2lp)
R.L. Burnside -Wish I was in heaven
Calexico -Hot rail
Johny Cash- American 3:Solitary man
Chicks on speed -will save us all
Eric Clapton & BB King -Riding with the king
Cocksparrer -Runnin riot across the USA (2lp live)
Coil -Astral disaster
Coldplay -Parachutes
The Convocation -The Convocation
Cosmic Rough Riders -Enjoy the melodic sunshine
Damon and Naomi -With ghost
Dandy Warhols -13 tales from Urban Bohemia
Dauerfisch -Crime of the century
Death in June -Operation Hummingbird
Deftones -White pony
Delgados -The great Eastern
The Demons -Riot salvation
Doe Maar -Klaar (2lp)
Doves -Lost souls  (2lp)
Echoboy -Volume 2
The Ecletics -The look ahead
Eels -Daisies of the galaxy
Elastica -The menace
Eleventh Dream Day -Stalled parade
Elf Power -The winter is coming
Embrace -Drawn from memory
Embrooks -Our new day
Eminem -The marshall mathers lp
Erasure -Loveboat
Everlast -Eat at Whitey’s
Fatboy Slim -Halfway between the gutter and the stars
Fetish -Silver
Fifteen -Survivor
54 Nude Honeys -Drop the gun
Fly Pan Am -Sedatifs en frequences et sillons
The Gathering -If then else
Geneva  -Weather underground
Gentle Waves -Swansong
Giant Sand -Chore of enchantment (2lp)
Go Betweens -Friends of Rachel Worth
Godspeed you black emperor -Lift your skinny fists (2lp)
Goldrapp -Felt mountain
Gomez -Abandoned shipping trolley
Gorky’s Zygotic Myna -The blue trees
Grandaddy -The sophtware slump
Green Day -Warning
Lynden David Hall -The other side (2lp)
P.J. Harvey -Stories from the sea
Hellacopters -High visibility
Don Henley -Inside job  (2lp)
Roger Hodgson -Open the door (2lp)
Horace Pinker -Pop culture failure
Idlewild -100 broken windows (2lp)
The Inciters -Doing fine
The Influence -Check please
Iron Maiden -Brave new world (2lp pic disc)
It’s Jo and Danny -Lank haired girl to bearded boy
Wyclef Jean -The ecleftic (2lp)
Alan Jenkins -Free surf music no 1
Jollymusic -Jollybar
Joyzipper -Joyzipper
Jubilee All Stars -Lights of the city
Koufax -It had to do with love
Kreidler -Kreidler
Lambchop -Nixon
Lemon Jelly -Lemon
Levellers -Hello pig
Limp Bizkit -Chocolate starfish
Llama Farmers -El toppo
Lungfish -Necrophones
Madonna -Music
Madrugada -Industrial silence (2lp)
Magnetophone -I guess I sometimes need to be told
Manifesto Jukebox -Desire
Marily Manson -Holy wood
J. Mascis + The Fog -More light
Mascott -Follow the sound
Menlo Park -Menlo Park
The Missing Links -The Missing Links
Macy Gray -On how life is
Modest Mouse -The moon and Antarctica (2lp)
Modesty Blaise -Melancholia
Moloko -Things to make and do (2lp)
Montgolfier Brothers -same
Morcheeba -Fragments of freedom
Van Morrison /Lonnie Donegan/Chris Barber -The skiffle sessions
Van Morrison/Linda Gail Lewis -You win again
Motorpsycho -Let them eat cake
Mount Florida -Arrived Phoenix (2lp)
Nine Inch Nails -Things fall apart
Oasis -Standing on the shoulder of giants
Oasis -Familiar to millions (3lp)
Will Oldham -Guarapero lost blues 2 (2lp outtakes)
1 Speed bike -Droopy but be gone
Oranger -The quiet vibrationland
Pearl Jam -Binaural (2lp)
Pennywise -Live at the Key Club
Pizzicato 5 -Fifth release from Matador
Placebo -Black market music
Powder Monkeys  -Lost city blues
Primal Scream -XTRMNTR (2lp)
Psychopunch -Bursting out of chucky’s town
Finlay Quaye -Vanguard
Queens of the stone age -Rated r
Radiohead -Kid A (2 x 10″)
Rage against the machine -Renegades
Rancid -Rancid
Red Kross -Born innocent
Sad Rockets -Transition (2lp)
Sade -Lovers rock
Samian -Astray
Santana -Supernatural  (2lp)
Schneider tm -Moist
Selby Tigers -Charm city
Shellac -1000 hurts
Sigur Ros -Agaetis byrjun (2lp)
Paul Simon -You’re the one
16 Horsepower -Secret south
Sleater Kinney -All hands on the bad one
Slipknot -Slipknot
Slow Slushy Boys -Boogaloo
Smashing Pumpkins -Machina: the machines of God (2lp)
Elliott Smith -Figure 8 (2lp)
Smog -Dongs of sevotion (2lp)
Softies -Holiday in Rhode Island
Solar Flares -That was then and so is this
Sonic Youth -NYC  ghosts and flowers
Songs: Ohia -The lioness
Songs: Ohia -Ghost tropic
Sonorac -Raw
Soulwax -Much against anyone’s advice
St.Germain -Tourist (2lp)
Steely Dan -Two against nature
Steinbecks -Recorded music salon
Stereo MC’s  -DJ kicks (2lp)
Suckle -Against nurture
The Sultans -Ghost ship
Sylvester Boy -Monsters rule this world
Teenage Fanclub -Howdy
The Telegraph  -Switched on
U2 -All that you can’t leave behind
Unbelievable Truth -Sorrythankyou
Utah Saints -Two
Vandals – Look what I almost stepped in
Wallflowers -Breach
Paul Weller -Heliocentric
Robbie Williams -Sing when you’re winning (2lp)
Wesley Willis -Rush hour
Willard Grant Conspiracy -Everything’ fine
The Wisdom of Harry -House of binary
Wu tang clan -W
Yo La Tengo -And then nothing (2lp)
Neil Young -Silver and gold
Neil Young -Road rock (2lp)
XTC -Wasp star (apple venus volume 2) 2lp -Xen cuts (4lp of 6 lp box)

Affinity -Affinity
Alan Bown -The Robert Palmer early years
Amboy Dukes -Amboyd Dukes
Andromeda -Andromeda
Animals -Club au go go 30/12/63 (10″ )
The Artwoods -Art gallery
Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express -Closer to it
Brian Auger/Julie Driscoll/Trinity -Open
Brian Auger/Julie Driscoll/Trinity -Streetnoise (2lp)
Brian Auger/Julie Driscoll/Trinity -The mood years (2lp)
Brian Auger /Trinity -Befour
Kevin Ayers -Radio sessions (2lp)
Beach Boys -Smiley smile
Beach Boys -Studio sessions 1961-62 (yellow vinyl)
Beatles -1 (2lp)
Beatles -This is the savage young Beatles
Beau Brummels -Don’ talk to strangers
Beck -Stereopathic soul manure
Blondie -Parallel lines
Tim Buckley -Once I was
Captain Beefheart -The spotlight kid
Black Sabbath -Best of (4lp)
Blur  -Best of (2lp)
Byrds -Sanctuary
Canned Heat -Far out (2lp + bonus 7″)
Captain Beefheart -Grow fins vol. 1 (2lp)
Chocolate Watchband -Inner mystique
Chocolate Watchband -No way
Gene Clark -with Gosdin Brothers
Phil Collins -Face value
The Congos -Heart of the kongos
Corpus -Creation’s child
Country Joe & the Fish -Live at Fillmore West (2lp)
Crome Cyrcus -Love cycle
Crowded House -Woodface
Derringer -Live at the The Theatre, Boston (3 side lp)
Dinosaur Jr. -You”re living all over me
Devo -Are we not men
Bob Dylan -The best of volume 2 (2 lp)
Eddie and the Hot Rods -Doing anything they wanna do
Electric Prunes -Underground
Electric Prunes -Release of an oath
Emperor -Emperial Vinyl Presentation (5 lp pic disc box)
Family -The 1973 BBC Radio show
Merrell Fankhauser -Return to MU
Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music -More than this (2lp)
Five day week Straw People -idem
The Flies -Complete recordings 1966-68
Billy Fury -The sound of Fury (10″)
Serge Gainsbourg -Aux armes
Serge Gainsbourg -Du jazz dans le …
Serge Gainsbourg -L’histoire de Melody Nelson
Genesis -Duke
Hawkwind -In search of space
Jimi Hendrix -Drivin’ south
Jimi Hendrix -Experience (8 lp box)
Joy Division -Preston 28 febr.1980 (purple vinyl)
Carole King -Tapestry
Kinks -Arthur
Kinks -Lola vs powermen
Kinks -Live at the Kelvin Hall
Kinks -Percy
Alexis Korner -Bootleg him (2lp)
Kraftwerk -Man machine
Kraftwerk -Radio activity
Kraftwerk -Trans Europe Express
Wayne Kramer + Pink Fairies -Cocaine blues
Led Zeppelin -1
Led Zeppelin -Early days (2lp)
Led Zeppelin -Latter days (2lp)
Arthur Lee -Live in Liverpool 1992
Leviathan -Leviathan
Madness -One step beyond
Mason -Harbour
Don McLean -American pie
MC5 -Babes in arms
Metallica -Metallica (2lp)
Millenium -Begin
Monks -Black monk time
Morley Grey -The only truth
Morrisey -Viva hate
Morrisey – Your arsenal
Van Morrison -Back on top
Motorhead -Best of (3lp + bonus 7″)
Moving Sidewalks -Flash (2lp)
New York Dolls -Too much too soon
Stevie Nicks -Other side of the mirror
Nico -Heroine
Outsiders -Outsiders
Larry Page Orchestra -Kinky music
Gram Parsons -Grievous angel
Gram Parsons -Another side of this life (demos 1965-66)
Iggy Pop -Nuggets (2lp)
Elvis Presley -That’s the way it is (5lp)
Elvis Presley -Golden records
Elvis Presley -Golden records 2
Elvis Presley -Golden records volume 3
Pretty Things -Defecting grey (10″ )
Pretty Things -Get the picture
Pretty Things -Midnight to six
Pretty Things -Pretty Things
Pussy -Pussy plays
? and the Mysterians -96 tears
Ramones -Ramones
Ramones -Leave home
Ramones -Rocket to Russia
Ramones -Road to ruin
The Rationals -The Rationals
Red Hot Chili Peppers -The uplift mofo parity plan
The Remains -10″
Rolling Stones -Exile on main street
Rolling Stones -Sticky fingers
Ronny and the Daytonas -GTO
Ronny and the Daytonas -Sandy
Roxy Music -Flesh and blood
Running Man -Running Man
Saints -Big hits from the underground
Saints -Seventy Seven Sixty Nine
Sir Douglas Quintet -The best of
Sir Douglas Quintet -is back
Small Faces -Ogdens nutgone flake
Phil Spector -A Christmas gift for you
Alexander Skip Spence -Oar
Spirit -Now or anywhere
Spirit -Eventide
Standells -Dirty water
Standells -Why pick on me
Als Stewart -Year of the cat
Stone Roses -The remixes
Stonewall -Stonewall
Strawberry Alarm Clock -Wake up it’s tomorrow
Supertramp -Crime of the century
Talk Talk -The colour of spring
Talk Talk -Spirit of Eden
Ten Years After -Cricklewood green
Johny Thunders -Panic on sunset strip (live 1987)
Tomorrow -Christmas on earth continued
Travis -Good feeling (new cover)
Waterboys -Fisherman’ blues
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band -A child’ guide …
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-Where’s my daddy
The Who -BBC Sessions (2lp)
Wipers -Land of the lost
Wipers -Over the edge
Wipers -Wipers
Wipers -Youth of America
Wire -Pink flag
Wire -154
Yardbirds -Over under sideways down
Zoot Money’s Big Rolling Band -At Klook’s Kleek
v.a. -I hate the Beatles even more volume 2
v.a. – Leaving it all behind
v.a. -Every groovy day
v.a. -Basementville U.S.A.
v.a. -Hidden secret garden
v.a. -Diggin’upside down
v.a. -International guardians of rock’n’roll 1983-1999/
The best of Creation Records
v.a.  -Northwest Battle of the Bands volume 1
v.a.  -Rubble vol  10, 11 and 12