releases 2002

A Luna Red -Slmzk
Ryan Adams -Demolition
Ryan Adams -Gold (2lp)
Barry Adamson -The king of Nothing Hill
Add n to (x) -Loud like nature
Against me -Reinventing Axl Rose
Air -Everybody hertz
Alfie -A word in your ear
Dot Allison -We are science
Aloha -Sugar
Alpinestars -White noise
Amalgated Songs of Rest -same
American Analog Set -Updates
And you will know us by the trail of dead -Source tags and codes
Angelic Upstarts -Sons of Spartacus
The Anniversary -Your majesty
Apples in Stereo -Velocity of sound
Archive -You all look the same to me
Ash -Intergalactic Sonic Sevens (4 lp box -ltd)
Richard Ashcroft -Human conditions (2lp)
Attention Industries -Pattern of 1
Audioslave -Audioslave
Bad Religion -The process of believe
Bad Wizard -Free and easy
Badly Drawn Boy -About a boy -soundtrack
Badly Drawn Boy -Have you fed the fish
Jessica Bailiff -Untitled
Bazooka Cain -Here come the days of
Beerzone -Strangle all boybands
The Bees -Sunshine hit me
Belle and Sebastian -Storytelling
Bellrays -Grand fury
Bench -A trip and a twist
Jello Biafra -Machine gun in the clown’s hand (3lp)
Bjork -Greatest hits (2lp)
Biffy Clyro -Blackened sky
Big Eyes -Love is gone mad
Big two hundred -Your personal filth
Billy Child -Come on baby (10″)
Black Dice -Beaches and canyons
Black Dice -Cold hands
Black Heart Procession -Amore del tropico
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -BRMC
Blue States -Man mountain
Boards of Canada -Geogaddi
Bombshell rocks -From here on in
The Bongolian -Bongolian
Bonobo -One off remixes and b sides
Boom Bip -Seed to sun
Bottle Rockets -Songs of Sahm
David Bowie -Heathen
Billy Bragg and the Blokes -England, half english
Bratmobile -Girls get busy
Brave Captain -Advertisements for my self
The Breeders -title tk
Ian Brown -Remixes of the spheres
Brian Donor -Love peace and f**k
Brideshead -In and out of love
The Briefs -Hit after hit
Bright eyes -Lifted
Chris Brokaw -Red cities
Brother JT -Spirituals
Jeff Buckley/Gary Lucas -Songs for no-one
Butterflies of love -The new patient
Capitol K -Island row
Chris Cacavas -Bumbling home from the stars
Cadallaca -Introducing
Calla -Custom
Canyon -Empty rooms
Johnny Cash -American 4:The man comes around (2lp)
Casiotone for the painfully alone -Pocket symphonies…
Eva Cassidy -Songbird
Catheters -Static delusions and stone still days
Cave In -Tides of tomorrow
Chemical Brothers -Come with us
Chrime in Choir -same
Christmas decorations -Model 91
Cinema recorded music library -Before the dark
Clinic -Walking with thee
Coldplay -A rush of blood to the head
Comet Gain -Realistes
The continental op -Slitch music (Wil Oldham/David Pajo)
The Cooljerks -Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis
The Coral -same
Cornelius -Point
Cornershop -Handcream for a generation
Elvis Costello -When I was cruel (2lp)
Graham Coxon -The kiss of morning
The Crescent -same
The Crush -This is where I cross my fingers
Custom Blue -All follow everyone
The Datsuns -The Datsuns
Dead and gone -The beautican
Death by Chocolate -Zap the world
Death in Vegas -Scorpio rising
The Delgados -Hate
Dempsey -Dempsey
Denali -same
Desaparecidos -Read music speak spanish
Destiny’s Child -This is the remix  (2lp)
Dido -No angel
Dierenpark -Sliptong
Dirty Sweets -Bubblegum damaged
Dirty Vegas -same
Division of Laura Lee -Black city
DJ Shadow -The private press
Dolly Varden -Forgiven now
The Donnas -Spend the night
The Doves -The last broadcast
Dressy Bessy -Sound go round
Dropkick Murphys -Live on St. Patrick’s day
Dymaxion -Dymaxion x 4 + 3 =38,33
Early Day Miners -Let us garlands bring
Edan -Primitive plus
El Guapo -Super system
Electric Soft Parade -Holes in the world
Missy Elliott -Under construction
Eminem -The Eminem show
Enon -High society
The Epoxies -same
ESG -Step off
Ewings -Rock & rule (10″)
Exhaust -Enregistreuri
The Fall -Are you are missing winner
Faust -Freispiel
FC Kahuna -Machine says yes
Feeder -Comfort in sound
Bryan Ferry -Frantic
Flaming Lips -Yoshimi battles the pink robots
Flaming Stars -Sunset and void
Fly -Put the needle down and fly
Fly Pan Am -Ceux quie inventent n’ont jamais vecu
Fog -Fog
Foo Fighters -One by one
Roddy Frame -Surf
Future Sound of London -Present Amorphous Androgynous
Peter Gabriel -Up (2lp)
Gallon Drunk -Fire music
Guided by Voices -Universal truth and cycles
Maximilian Hecker -Infinite love songs
Gas Huffer -The rest of us
Giant Sand -A cover magazine
Beth Gibbons / Rustin Mann -Out of season
Giddy Motors -Make it pop
Girls agains boys -You can’t fight what you can’t see
Godspeed you black emperor -Yanqui U X O
Gogogo Airheart -Exitheuxa
Golden -Apollo stars
Groove Armada -Lovebox
Jacob Golden -Hallelujah world
Gomez -In our gun
Gonzales -Presidential suite
The Good Life -Blackout
Gore gore girls -Up all night
Grade -Headfirst straight to hell
Great Lakes -The distance between
David Grubbs -Rickets and scurry
Guitar Wolf -Ufo romantics
Neil Michael Hagerty -Plays that good old rock and roll
George Harrison -Brainwashed
Haven -Between the senses
Hayden -Skyscraper national park
Gemma Hayes -Night on my side
Lee Hazlewood -For every solution there’s a problem
Headgear -Where this good life goes
The Heads -Troppo ampio -under sided
Hellacopters -5 track mini album
Heavy Blinkers -Better weather
Herbert -Secondhand sounds lp two(3lp)
Heron -The brown room
Hertz -Gate 23
The Hives -Your new favourite band
Honeyrider -Sunshine skyway
Hot hot heat -Knock knock knock
Hot Snakes -Suicide invoice
Hundred reasons -Ideas above our station
Hydromatics -Powerglide
Idlewild -The remote part
Ikara Colt -Chat and business
Imperial Teen -On
Indigo Jones -No smoking
Infinity Chimps -Sounds of nant y benglog
International Noise Conspiracy -First conspiracy
Iron Maiden -Rock in Rio (3lp picture disc)
Isis -Oceanic
J Walk -A night on the rocks
Jackie-o-motherfucker -Change
Jewel -This way (2lp)
Joan of Arse -Distant hearts a little closer
Just Jack -The outer marker
Kek 66 -On the outside looking in
Alicia Keyes -Songs in A minor
Kicker -Fiverfortyfives
Kid Loco -Kill your darlings
King Kong -The big  bang
Mark Knopfler -The ragpickers dream
Ko and the Knockouts -same
Korn -Untouchables
Alison Krauss & Union State -New favourite
Ben Kweller -Sha sha
Ladytron -Light and magic
Lambchop -Is a woman
Le Tigre -Remixes
Lemon Jelly -Lost horizons
The Liars -They threw us all in a trench…
The Libertines -Up the bracket
Lift to experience -The texas jerusalem crossroads
Limp Wrist -same
Lo Fidelity Allstars -Don’t be afraid of love
Lo-hi -Say it more
Lone Pigeon -Concubine rice
Looper -The snare
Jennifer Lopez -J To Tha L-o -The remixes (2lp)
Love life -Here is night, brothers
Jason Loewenstein -At sixes and sevens
Low -Trust
Lucky Pierre -Hypnogogia
Lupine Howl -The bar at the end of thw rodl
Madrugada -Grit
Mains Ingition -Turn on
The Makers -Strangest parade
Manic Street Preachers -Forever delayed (2lp)
Manifesto Jukebox -Remedy
J. Mascis -Free so free
Mates of State -Our constant concern
Mazarin -A tall story line
Mclusky -Mclusky do Dallas
Medicine 8 -Iron stylings
Metro Area -Metro Area
Microphones -The glow part 2
Mighty Flashlight -same
Migrantes -Moon journals
Mina -Expander
Mint Royale -Dancehall places
Moby -18 (2lp)
Moistboyz -111
Morcheeba -Charango
Van Morrison -Down the road
Motorpsycho -Serpentine (5 track 10″)
Ms Dynamite -A little deeper
Mudhoney -Since we’ve become translucent
Mum -Finally we are no one
Mum and Dad -same
Elliott Murphy -Soul surfing (2lp)
The Music -The Music
My Computer -Vulnerabilia
Nash Kato -Debutante
The National Trust -Dekkagar
The new christs -We got this
New Flesh -Understanding
Nina Nastasia -The balckened air
90 Day Men -To everybody
Notwist -Neon golden
Oakenfold -Bunkka
Oasis -Heathen chemistry
Oberman -Running girl
Odfellows Casino -Yellow bellied wonderland
Wil Oldham / Erik Wesselo -Forest time (10″)
Olympic Lifts -Do one
Onelinedrawing -Visitor
Orbital -Back to mine
Beth Orton -Daybreaker
Out hud -Street dad
The Panthers -Are you down?
The Paper Chase -Hide the kitchen knives
John Parish -How animals move
The Pattern -Real feelness
Pawnshop -Cruise o matic
The Paybacks -Knock loud
Peace Orchestra -Reset
Pearl Jam -Riot act
Pedro the Lion -Control
Peru You -In the sea on the sea
Pet Shop Boys -Release
Tom Petty -The last d.j.
Pilote -Kingfood
Robert Plant -Dreamland
Polar -A letter for the stars
The Polyphonic Spree -The beginning stages of…
Position normal -Goodly time
Primal Scream -Evil heat
Q and not U -Different damage
The Quails -Atmosphere
Quixotic -Mortal mirror
Radar Brothers -And the surrounding mountains
Radio 4 -Gotham
Mark Rae -Rae road
Joey Ramone -Don’t worry about me
Red Hot Chili Peppers -By the way
Reindeer Section -Son of evil reindeer
Reno -Thinking about the good times
Retisonic -Lean beat
Rhinocerose -Music kills me
Rhotko -A continual search for origins
Rocket from the crypt -Live from camp x ray
Roger Sisters -Purely evil
Roots Manuva -Dub come save me
Jack Rose -Red horse, white mule
Royal Trux -Hand of glory
Ruisort -Acapulco now
Saloon -This is what we call progress
Sand -Still born alive
Sandoz -Sandoz in dub:chant to jah
Taylor Savvy -Ladies and gentleman
Scarlet’s well -Alice in the underworld
Schneider TM -Zoomer
Jill Scott -The experience (2lp)
Scott 4 and magic car -European punks
Screaming at Motorists -This flag signals goodbye
Selby Tigers -The curse of ..
764 Hero -Nobody knows this is everywhere
The Shining -True skies
The Sights -Are you green
Silkworm -Italian platinum
Simian -We are your friends
Sing sing -Joy of sing sing
Six by seven -The way I feel today
The six parts seven -Things shaped in passing
Sleater Kinney -One beat
Smog -Accumulation: none
Sneaker Pimps -Bloodsport
Soft Boys -Nextdoorland
Soledad Brothers -Steal your soul and dare your spirit..
Somatics -The Somatics
Songs: Ohia -Mi sei apparso come un fantasma
Songs: Ohia -Didn’t it rain
Sonic Youth -Murray street
Space Monkeyz v. Gorillaz -Laika come home
Sparklehorse -It’ s a wonderful life (USA + bonus track)
Speedball baby -The blackout
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion -Plastic fang
Spoon -Kill the moonlight
Sportique -Modern museums (10″)
Bruce Springsteen -The rising (2lp)
The Squire of Somerton -Tranverberations
Stereo Total -Juke box alarm
The Streets -Original pirate material
Streetwalkin Cheetahs -Guitars, guns and gold
The Strike Boys -Grapefuit flavoured green tea time
Suicide -American supreme
Sunshine Fix -Age of the sun
Supergrass -Life on other planets
Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair -Words of wisdom and hope
Telepopmusik -Genetic world (2lp)
They come in threes -Blindsided part 1
Linda Thompson -Fashionably late
Justin Timberlake -Justified
Mary Timony -The golden dove
Toto -Through the looking glass (2lp)
Transplants -Transplants
Trash palace -Positions
Truman’s water  -same
U2 -The best of 1990-2000
Underworld -A hundred days off
The Vessels -The Vessels
The Vines -Highly evolved
The Volta Sound -My all american girl
The Von Bondies -Lack of communication
Andy Votel -All ten fingers
Tom Waits -Alice
Tom Waits -Blood money
The Walkmen -Wake up
Jane Weaver -Like an aspen leaf
Weird War -same
Paul Weller -Illuminaton
Wilco -Yankee hotel foxtrot
Kathryn Williams -Old low light
Robbie Williams -Escapology
Winterbrief -Famous shoppers
The Witches -Universal mall
The Witches -On parade
Woodstar -Time to bleed
James Yorkston -Moving up country
Pete Yorn -Must for the morning after (2lp)
Neil Young -Are you passionate? (2lp) -Total Lee -The songs of Lee Hazlewood -Chocolate soup for diabetics 4 soup for diabetics 5 -Steam kodok

Ryan Adams -Heartbreaker
A Certain Ratio -Early
The Action -16 slices of the Action
Alternative TV -Vibing up the senile man
Aphrodites Child -666 (2lp)
David Axeldrod -Anthology 2
Jeff Beck -Blow by blow
Archie Bell and the Drells -Tighten up
Blue Oyster Cult -Tales of the psyche war
Booker T & the Mg’s -Hip hug her
Brigitte Bardot -Le disque d’or
Butthole Surfers -Weird revolution
Butthole Surfers -Humpty dumpty lsd
Buzzcocks -Fast cars
Byrds -Untitled/unissued (3lp)
Byrds -Sanctuary 4
Byrds -Sweetheart of the rodeo
Byrds -Very best of (2lp)
Byrds -Columbia singles (2lp Sundazed)
Can -Cannibalism
Can -Ege bam yasi
Can -Monster movie
Can -Tago mago
Johnny Cash -Now here’s Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash -Story songs of trains and rivers
Chicken Shack -40 blue fingers…
Alex Chilton -Like flies on sherbert
Clearlight -same
Leonard Cohen -Songs of love and hate
Conflict -It’ time to see who’ s who
Count Five -Psychotic reaction
The Cramps -Live at CBGB’s
Crystals -He’s a rebel
Dead Boys -Liver than you’ll ever be
Deep Purple -Book of Taliesyn
Donovan -Hurdy gurdy man
Donovan -Sunshine superman
Doors -Best of (3lp’s + bonus 12″ single)
Downliners Sect -The sect
Dragonfly -same (US group)
Bob Dylan-Another side of (mono Sundazed)
Bob Dylan -Blonde on blonde (mono 2lp Sundazed)
Einsturzende Neubauten -Berlin babylon
Electric Toilet -In the hands of karma
The Eyes -My degeneration
Faust – Patchwork 1971-2002
The Fall -Live at the Witchtrails
Flaming Lips -The soft bulletin
Fleetwood Mac -Greatest hits
Freak Scene -Psychedelic soul
Funkadelic -Hardcore jollies
Fuzztones -Flashbacks
Gentle Soul -same
Hapshash and the Coloured Coat -Feat human lot
Tim Hardin -same
Johnny Harris -Movements
The Hellacopters -Cream of the crop (2lp)
Jimi Hendrix -Experience part 2
Jimi Hendrix -The summer of love sessions
Humble Pie -Town and country
Icons of Filth -Onward christian soldiers
Impressions -Times have changed
Indian Summer -same
Infinity -1969-70
Ithaca -A game for all who know
The Jam -The sound of the Jam
Jefferson Airplane -Surrealistic pillow
Jelly Bean Bandits -same
Norah Jones -same (Classic)
Gong -Camembert electrique
Al Green -Simply beautiful
Screamin’Jay Hawkins -At home with
Jimi Hendrix -Blue wild angel (3lp)
The Hives -Vendi vidi vicious
The Jam -Setting sons
Kaleidoscope -Tangerine dream
Jo-Ann Kelly -same
Killing Joke -Now ay out but forward go
Kyuss -And the circus leaves town
Kyuss -Blues for the red sun
Kyuss -Sky valley
Kyuss -Muchas gracias /the best of
Led Zeppelin -The song remains the same (2lp)(Classic)
Little Feat -Late night truck stop (2lp)
Lollipop Shoppe -Just colour
Long tall shorty -Completely perfect (2lp)
Love -Love
Love -Da capo
Love -Forever changes
Love -Revisited
Lovin Spoonful -Daydream
Lovin Spoonful -Do you believe in magic
Curtis Mayfield -The makings of (2lp)
Curtis Mayfield -Roots
MC5 -Back in the USA
MC5 -High time
Sarah McLachlan -Solace (Classic)
The Mohawks -The champ
The Monks -Let’s start a beat
Morning dew -same
Mu -same
Mysterious Minds -Mind over matter
Fred Neil -Sessions
Fred Neil -same
New York Dolls -I’ m a human being (live)
New York Dolls -Teenage news
Nico -Desertshore
Harry Nilsson -Nilsson Schmilsson
Nirvana -Bleach (white vinyl)
The Notwist -same
Patto -same
Patto -Hold your fire
Pavement -Westing
Peter and the test tube babies -Pissed and proud
Perrey & Kingsley -Kaleidoscopic variations
Pink Floyd -Echoes (4lp)
The Pixies -The purple tapes
Elvis Presley -30 no 1’s
Elvis Presley -Gold records volume 4
Elvis Presley -Tickle me
? and the Mysterians -Action
Ramones -Pleasant dreams
Otis Redding -Sings soul ballads
Minnie Ripperton -Les fleurs/Anthology (2lp)
Roulettes -Stakes and chips
Rugby’s Hot Cargo  -same
Todd Rundgren -A wizard a true star
Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels -Breakout
The Sacred Mushroom -same
Santana -Same
Santana -Abraxas
Shadows of Knight -Follow
Shangri-las -Leader of the pack
Ravi Shankar -The sounds of India
Silver Apples -Contact
The Small Faces -Immediate hits and mod rarities (2lp)
Patti Smith -Horses
Sonic Youth -Dirty (2lp)
Spirit -The family that plays together
Dusty Springfield -Dusty in Memphis
Edwin Starr -Hell up in Harlem
Steamhammer -Mountains
Cat Stevens -Teaser and the firecat
Sly Stone -Seventh son
The Stone Roses -The very best of
Stooges -Fun house
Stooges -The Stooges
Supertramp -Is everybody listening (2lp)
Third Rail -Id music
Rufus Thomas -The funkiest man
Throbbing Gristle -Grief
Tortoise -same
Pete Townshend/Ronnie Lane -Rough mix
Uncle Tupelo -89/93 An anthology
Tom Waits -Rain dogs
Tom Waits -Blue valentine
Tom Waits -Nighthawks at the diner
Gary Walker and the Rain -Album number one
Warhorse -same
Warhorse -Red sea
West -same
West -Bridges
Tony Joe White -Black and white
The Who -My generation (2lp deluxe edition)
David Wiffen -same
X Ray Specs -Germfree adolescents
The Yardbirds -The best of (2lp)
Neil Young -Tonight’s the night
Young Rascals -same
Young Rascals -Groovin’
Young Rascals -Once upon a dream
Young Rascals -Collections -Rock n roll high school
original soundtrack -Barbarella