releases 2001

Aerogramme -A story in white
Aerosmith -Just push play
Air -10 000 hz legend
Airport girl -Honey I’ an artist
Alfie -If you happy with you need do nothing
Jerique Allan -Back in time
Alpha -The impossible thrill
Am/fm  -Mutilate us
American Analog St -Known by heart
Andrew wk -Party till you puke
Angelic Upstarts -Live from the justice league
Animals that swim -Happiness from a distant star
Ann beretaa -New union
Anomoanon -The Anomoanon lp
Anti Flag -Underground network
Antiseen -Boys from brutalsville
Aphex Twin -Drukqs (4lp)
Appendix out -Night is advancing
Appliance -Imperial metric
Arab Strap -The red thread
Ash -Free all angels
Astrid -Playd dead (coloured vinyl)
Atom and his Package -Redefining music
Aubrey -Unscrambled memories
The Avalanches -Since I left you
Bantam Rooster -Fuck all yáll
Bardo Pond -Dilate
Basement Jaxx -Rooty
Beachwood Sparks -Once we were trees
Carlos Berlanga -Impermeable
Beta Band -Hot shots part 2  (2lp)
Jello Biafra -Become the media
Big Boss Mans -Humanize
Big Eyes -Clumsy music
Big in Japan -Destroy the new rock
Billy Mahonie -What becomes before
Birdie -Triple echo
Bjork -Vespertine
Black Halos -The violent years
Blood or Whiskey -No time to explain
Blowtops -Deep thrust
Boedekka -Hapi nightmares
Bonnie Prince Billy -Ease down the road
Booster -Loop in release
Bouncing Souls -How I spent my summer vacation
The Boy Lucas -Out of the wires
Bran Van 3000 -Discosis (2lp)
Bright Eyes -Fevers and mirrors
The Bristols -Tune in with…
Ian Brown -Music of the spheres
BS 2000 -Simply mortified
Buff Medways -This is this
Burnman -Notes for a catalogue for an exhibition (yellow vinyl)
The Business -No mercy for you
C Pen -Freestyle mechanic
Calun, don’t jump -Crystal clear missisippi
Call and Response -same
Camera Obscura -Biggest bluest hi fi
Captain Beefheart -Grow fins vol. 3
Mariah Carey -Glitter
Cast -Beet root
The Casualities -Die hards
Catatonia -Papr scissors stone
Catch 22 -Alone in a crowd
Nick Cave -And no more shall we part (2lp incl. 2 bonus tracks)
Chamber Strings -Gospel morning
Chargers Street Gang -Holy the bob apocalypse
Charlatans -Wonderland
The Cherry Valence  -same
Chestnut Station -In your living room
Chicago Underground Quartet  -same
Chris T-T -The 253
Citizen Fish -Life size
Eric Clapton -Reptile (2lp)
Clearlake -Lido
The Clientele -The suburban light
Leonard Cohen -Ten new songs
The Come Ons -same
The Come Ons -Hip check
Computer Cougar -Rough notes on high
Bobby Conn -The golden age
Console -Console yourself (2 x 10″ inch white vinyl)
Cousteau -Cousteau
Graham Coxon -Crow sit on blood tree
D 12 -Devils night
Daft Punk -Discovery
Daft Punk -Alive 1997
Dave Tyack’s Dakota Oak -Am deister
David Candy -Playpower
De Facto -Megaton shotblast
Deadly Snakes -I’m not your soldier anymore
Death by Chocolate -same (brown vinyl)
Deep Reduction -2
Vladislav Delay -Anima
Delicate -Aqol our genome
Depeche Mode -Exciter
Destiny’s Child -Survivor
Detroit Cobras -Detroit Cobras
Dickies -Still got live even
Dickies -All this and puppet stew
Dirtbombs -Ultraglide in black
The Donnas -Turn 21
Doom -World of shit
Dropkick Murphys -Sing loud, sing proud (green vinyl)
Dudley Corportation -Lonely world of
Dumbstruck -And we all fall down
Bob Dylan -Love and theft
Eardrum -Side effects
Echo and the Bunnymen -Flowers
Eels -Souljacker
Elbow -Asleep in the back (2lp)
Electrelane -Rock it to the moon
Electric Frankenstein -Touch me I’m electric
Elf Power -The winter is coming
Missy Elliott -So addictive
Embrace -If you’ve never been
Brian Eno & J Peter Schwalm -Drawn from life
Exodus 77 -Just time
Eye hate god -Confederacy ruined lives (yellow vinyl)
Fabulous Disaster -Pull out or get out
Faithless -Outrospective
Farina -Three people
Farrah -Moustache
Federation X -American folk horror
Feeder -Echo park
59 times the pain -Calling the public
First Born  -When it hits you
Fischerspooner -Fischerspooner # 1
Flaming Stars -A walk on the wired side
Flamingo Massacres -Wearing your heart ….
Fleas and lice -Recipes for catastrophies
The Fleshies -Kill the dreamer’s dream
Flightcrank -same
Foetus -Blow
Four Tet -Pause
Michael Franti and Spearhead -Stay human (2lp)
Frenchkicks -Young lawyer
Fridge -Happiness
The Frisk -same
From Ashes rise – Silence
Edith Frost -Wonder wonder
Fugazi -The argument
Fugu -Fugu 1
Fun Loving Criminals -Loco
Future pilot aka -Tiny waves, mighty sea
Future sound of London -Papua new guinea translations
Galactic Heroes -How about San Francisco
Garbage -Beautiful garbage (2lp)
Gasca -Telescopio
Gasoline -Fake to fame
Gel -Sparkly things
Gerbils -The battle of electricity
Gilded Lil -Corpus del
Good riddance -Symptoms of a leveling spirit
Gorillaz -Gorillaz (2lp)
Gorkys Zygotic Mynci -How I long to feel that summer
Gorodisch -Thurn & taxis ep
The Gossip -That’s not what I heard
Gotan Project -La revancha del tango
The Graves Brothers Deluxe -Little love things
Macy Gray – The Id
The  Great Lakes -same
The Greenhomes -same
Green Pajamas -Narcotic kisses
Groove Armada -Goodbye country
Guided by Voices -Isolation drills
Gunmoll -Anger management in four chords or less
Neil Hagerty -Neil Michael Hagerty
Half Japanese -Hello
The Happy Balloon -The fine art of ballooning (white vinyl)
Ed Harcourt -Here be monsters
Hefner -Dead media
Heideroosjes -Fast forward
Helgoland -Media music
Hellacopters/Flaming Sideburns -White trash soul (10″)
Hellride -Making out with fire
Holiday Flower -I hope
Holy golightly -The main attraction
Hood -Cold house
Howie B -Folk
100 Pets -Easter songs
Husking Bee -Four color problem
I am Kloot -Natural history
Ilo -Ilo
Imbalance -Wreaks havoc with the inner ear
The Immortal Lee County Killers -The essential fucked up blues
The international noise conspiracy -A new morning
Isolation Years -Inland traveller
Ivory Coast -Clouds
The Jack Saints -Rock n roll holocaust
Michael Jackson -Invincible
Mick Jagger -Goddess in the doorway (2lp)
Jamiroquai -A funk odyssey
Japancakes -Sleepy strange
Joel Plaskett Emergency -Down at the khyber
Wizz Jones -Lucky the man
Judas Priest -Demolition
Jullander -John symmes welt
Kelis -Wanderland
Kid Loco -Kill your darlings
King Adora -Vibrate you
King of Woolworths -Kentish town (10″)
King of Woolworths -Ming star
The King Brothers -The Kings Brothers
Kings of Convenience -Quiet is the new loud
Kings of Convenience -Versus
Kingsbury Manx -Let you down
David Kitt -Big romance
Knives -How do you feel about it?
Knoxville Girls -In a paper suit
Mark Kozelek -If you want blood
Kosheen -Resist (2lp)
Lenny Kravitz -Lenny
La Bradford -Fixed content
Ladybug transistor -Argyle hair
Ladytron -604
Lamb -What sound
Le Tigre -Feminist sweepstakes
Les Garcons -Von ons zu dir
Les Savy Far -Go forth
Lesser -Fearhound
Liars -They threw us in a trench…
Life without buildings -Any other city
Limp Bizkit -New old songs
Little Annie -Diamonds are made of glass
The Little Rabits -La grande musique
Lost kids -Belle isle is on fire
Love as Laughter -Destination 2000
Low -Things we lost in the fire (2lp)
Low and Dirty Three -In the fishtank
Lowgold -Just backward of square
Lullaby for the working class -Song
Lupine howl -The carnivorous lunar activities of
Mad Caddies -Rock the plank
Magoo -Realist week
Mains Ignition -Sparky’s bomb school (2lp)
Stephen Malkmus -same
Manic Street Preachers -Know your enemy
Paul McCartney -Driving rain (2lp)
Money Mark -Change is coming
Hannah Marcus -Black hole heaven
Matmos -A chance to cut is a chance to cure
John Matthias -Smalltown shining
Me enveno de Azules -1968
Mensen -Delusions of grandeur
Mercury Rev -All is dream
Mighty mighty -The girlie years
Mickey and the Salty Sea Dogs -Saltwater and whiskey
Mikabomb -The fake fake sound of
Minders -Golden street
Miss Kitten and the hacker -First album
Miss Mary -Hey blue (10″)
Modjo -Modjo
Mogwai -Rock action
The Moldy Peaches -same
Monster Magnet -Spine of god
Mood for modersn -Loud and clear
Moore Brothers -Colossal small
Motorpsycho -Roadwork vol. 2 (2lp)
Motorpsycho -Barracuda
Motorpsycho -Phanerothyme
Ennio Morricone -Morricone 2001
Mountain Goats -The coroners gambit (white vinyl)
Mouse on Mars -Idiology
Mower -Mower
Mr. Dan -How things work
Mr. Natural -Naturism
Mull Historical Society -Loss
Murry the hump -Songs of ignorance
Muse -Origin of symmetry
Mushroom -Foxy music (2lp)
My Morning Jacket -At dawn
My Vitriol -Finelines
Nagisa Ni te -Songs for a simple moment
Nebula -Charged
Neighbors -Negative attraction
New Order -Get ready
The New Year -Newness ends
9 Shocks Terror -Playing ohmage
Noonday Underground -Self assembly
The Now time delegation -Watch for today
The Numbers -Safety in numbers
Ocean Colour Scene -Mechanical wonder
Ocean Colour Scene -Songs for the front row
Of Montreal -An introduction to
Of Montreal -Coquelicot asleep in the posses (2lp)
Old time relijun -Witchcraft rebellion
Jim O’Rourke -Insignificance
Orange Can -Home burns
The Orb -Cydonia
Oxymoron -Feed the breed
Pan Sonic -Aaltopori
The Pattern -Immediately
Peepshow -Today we kill tomorrow we die
Pennywise -Land of the free
Ping pong bitches -same
Pilote -Do it now man (+ bonus 10″)
Playgroup -Playgroup
Pole -R
Pram -Sominil
Pressure drop -Tread
Preston School of Industry -All this sounds gas (2 extra tracks)
Propagandhi -Today’s empires, tomorrow’s ashes
Proud Mary -The same old blues
Psychedelic Cowboys -Tragic songs and hop a longs
Psychopunch -Original scandinavian superdudes
Pufball -Super commando
Pulp -We love life
Push Kings -Feel no fade
Quantic -The 5th exotic
Quasi -The sword of God
Question Mark & the Mysterians -More action
Quoit -Properties
Radioactive man -same
Radiohead -Amnesiac (2 x 10″)
Radiohead -I might be wrong
Rae and Christian -Sleepwalking
Raging Slab -The dealer
Ramonetures -Johny walk don’t run
R.E.M. -Reveal
Red MOnkey -Gunpowder, treason and plot
Reds -It’s  about time
Douglas Reed -Rumours
Regular Fries -Transmissions from the war office vol.1
Reigning Sound -Break up, break down
Reindeer section -Y all get scared now ya hear
Resist and exist -Kwangju
Jonathan Richman -Her mystery not of high heels
Riot/clone -Do you want fries with that?
Rise Against -Unraveling
Rizzo -Phoning it in
Rob -Don’ kill
Alasdair Roberts -The crook of my arm
Rocket from the crypt -Group sounds
Royksopp -Melody am
Hope Sandoval -Bavarian fruit bread
Seafood -When do we start fighting
Screws -Shake your monkey
Sea of tombs -same
2nd Gen -Irony is
Shelter -The purpose, the passion
Shipping News -Very soon and in pleasant company
Silos -Laser beam next door
Silver Jews -Bright flight
Silver scooter -Blue law
Simian -Chemistry is what we are
Russell Simins -Public places
Sin dios -Ingobernables
Talvin Singh -Ha!
Sixer -Saving grace
Sixth Great Lake -Up the country
The Slackers -Wasted days
Slipknot -Iowa
Slumber Party -same
Smog -Rain on lens
Sodastream -The hill for company
Soledad Brothers -same
Son of Sam -Songs from the earth
Sonna -We sing loud sing soft tonight
Soundtrack of our lives -Behind the music (2lp incl 5 bonus tracks)
South -From here on in
Spacek  -Curtiva
Spacer -The beamer
Spearmint -A different lifetime
Spirit Caravan -Elusive truth
Spiritualized -Let it come down (2lp)
Spoon -Girls can tell (white vinyl)
Squarepusher -Go plastic
Bruce Springsteen -Live in New York City (3lp)
Stack -Stack
Stars -Nightsongs
Starsailor -Love is here
Stereo MC’ s -Deep down and dirty
Stereolab -Sound-dust
Stereophonics -Just enough education to perform
Stereo Total -Musique automatique
Strike Anywhere -Change is a sound
The Strokes -Is this it?
Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros -Global a go go
Submission Hold -Sackcloth and ashes
Summer hymns -A celbratory arm gesture
Sunshine -Necromance
Super Furry Animals -Rings around the world
Superpunk -Wasser march
Swag -Catch all
Swell -Everybody wants to know
The Swarm -Parasitic skies (10″ green vinyl)
System of a down -Toxicity
Tahiti 70 -Puzzle  (+ 7″)
James Taylor Quartet -Message from the godfather
Tearjerkers -Bad moon rising
Techno Animal -Brotherhood of the bomb
Them Wranch -Medium rare
Third Eye Foundation -I poopoo on your juju
Kevin Thista -Kevin Thista’s  red
1000 Violins -Like 1000 violins
Tina and the total babes -She’s so tuff
Tindersticks -Can our love …
Tindersticks -Trouble everyday (soundtrack)
Tipsy -Uh oh
Tompaulin -The town and the city
The Tone -Here’s another reason to believe in rock’n’roll
Tourette’s Lautrec -Red alert
Pete Townshend -Scoop 3 (3lp set)
The Trans Megetti -Fading left too completely
Tricky -Blowback (2lp)
Truth North -We speak in code (blue vinyl)
Turin Brakes -The optimist lp
The Tyde -Once
Unisex -Stratosfear
Unwound -Leaves turn inside you
Us maple -Acre thrills
Saul Williams -Amethyst rock star
Sultans -Giant ship
Tortoise -Standards
Trans Champs -Double exposure
Travis -The invisible band
US Bombs -Back at the laundromat
Voice of a generation -Hollywood rebels
Von Bondies -Lack of communication
Wack Cat -That’s what my girlfriend says
The Walkmen -Wake up
Waxwings -Low to the ground
Way out west -Intensify
Weezer -Weezer (the green album)
Paul Weller -Days of speed
White Stripes -White blood cells
Robbie Williams -Swing when you’e winning
Workshop -Es liebt dich und deine korperlichkeit
Steve Wynn -Here come the miracles (2lp)
XTC -Homegrown
Zen Gorilla -Shadows on the sun
Zephyrs -When the sky comes down
Zero down -With a lifetime to pay
Zero 7 -Simple things
Zero zero -Am gold
Earl Zinger -Put your phazers on stun
Zodiac Killers  -Have a blast
various artists -If I was Prince
various artists -Brand new boots and panties (gold vinyl)
various artists -Substitute /The songs of the Who

Abba -Abba
Abba -Super trouper
Abba -The album
Abba -Voulez vous
Abba -Waterloo
AC/DC -Let there be rock
AC/DC -highway to thell
The Action -16 slices of the Action
After All -same
Afterglow  -same
The Animals -The singles plus
Art -Supernatural fairy tales
The Attack -Final daze  (+ free 7″single)
David Axelrod -Earth rot
David Axelrod -Heavy axe
David Axelrod -Songs of experience
David Axelrod  -Songs of innocence
The Band -Music from big pink
The Band -The Band
Syd Barrett -The madcap laughs
Syd Barrett -Barrett
Beach Boys -Wild honey
Beastie Boys -Sound of science (ltd 4 lp /book)
The Beat Merchants -The beat goes on (+bonus 7″)
Jeff Beck -Beco Ola
Bjork -Homogenic
Bjork -Debut
Black Flag -Damaged
Black Sabbath -Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath -Paranoid
Black Sabbath -Masters of reality
Black Sabbath -Volume 4
Blow Fly -Butterfly
Blue Cheer -The original human being
Blues Magoos -Basic
Bobby Fuller Four -The Mustang years (2lp)
Bookert T & the MG’s -Soul dressing
Booker T & the MG’ s  -And now!
David Bowie -Hunky dory
David Bowie -Ziggy Stardust
David Bowie -Aladin sane
David Bowie -Pinups
Kate Bush -Hounds of love
Butterfield Blues Band -East West
Buzzcocks -Another razor in a different (live)
Buzzcocks -Beating hearts (Manchester 78 live)
Buzzcocks -Small songs with big hearts
Byrds -Sanctuary volume 2
Byrds -Sanctuary volume 3
Byrds -The Preflyte sessions (2lp)
Cabaret Voltaire -Radiation BBC Sessions
Captain Beefheart -Trout mask replica
The Chords -at the BBC
Circus 2000 -An escape from a box
The Clash -Give em enough rope
The Clash -Combat rock
Phil Collins -Hello I must be going
Cosmic Psychos -15 years a million beers
Count Five -Psychotic reaction
Country Joe and the Fish -I feel like I’ fixin’ to die
Country Joe and the Fish -Electric music for mind and body
Cramps -Off the bone
Cramps -A date with Elvis (purple vinyl)
Cramps -Big beat from badsville (red vinyl)
Cramps -Look mom no head (green vinyl)
Cramps -Rockinnreelininauckland…(orange vinyl)
Cramps -Smell of female (yellow vinyl)
Cramps -Stay sick (blue vinyl)
David Crosby -If I could only remember my name
Crosby Stills and Nash -same
Crowded House -Together alone
Cryan Shanes -Sugar and spice
Crystal Circus -In relation to our times
The Crystals -He’s a rebel
The Cure -Standing on a beach
David -same
December’s Children -same
Dictators -Go girl crazy
Dinosaur Jr. -In session (BBC sessions)
Dr. John -Gris gris
Doors -Strange days
Nick Drake -Second grace
Bob Dylan -Another side of
Bob Dylan -Highway 61 revisited
Bob Dylan -The freewheelin Bob Dylan (mono mix 180 gr)
Bob Dylan -Times they are a changin (mono mix 180 gr)
Bob Dylan -Bringing it all back home (mono mix 180 gr.)
Bob Dylan -Highway 61 revisited  (mono mix 180 gr.)
Bob Dylan -Oh mercy
Bob Dylan -Planet waves
Bob Dylan -New morning
Bob Dylan -Desire
Einsturzende Neubauten -Strategies against architectur
Electric Eels -The eyeball of hell
Electric Prunes -Lost dreams (2lp)
Electric Prunes -Release of an oath
Elli -same
Fairfield Parlour -From home to home
Far Cry -same
Fleetwood Mac -Showbiz blues 1968-1970 (2lp unreleased tracks)
Fleshtones -Blast off
Flower Pot Men -Midsummer dreaming
Front Page review -Mystic soldiers
Serge Gainsbourg -Cofidential
Serge Gainsbourg -Du cahant a la une
Serge Gainsbourg -Initials bb
Serge Gainsbourg -Jane Birkin et S.G.
Serge Gainsbourg -L’etonnant (10″)
Serge Gainsbourg -L’homme a tete de chau
Serge Gainsbourg -Love on the beat
Serge Gainsbourg -Mauvais nouvelles des etoiles
Serge Gainsbourg -No. 2 (10″)
Serge Gainsbourg -No. 4 (10″)
Serge Gainsbourg -Percussions
Serge Gainsbourg -Rock around the bunker
Serge Gainsbourg -Vive de l’exterieur
Serge Gainsbourg -You’re under arrest
Genesis -Abacab
Genesis -Foxtrot
Genesis -Nursery crime
Genesis -Live
Giles Giles and Fripp -Metaphormosis
Gong -History and the mistery
Al Green -Simply beautiful
Gun Club -House on highland ave.
Gun Club -Miami
George Harrison -All things must pass (3lp box)
Richard Hell and the Voidoids -Destiny street
Ill Wind -Flashes
International Submarine Band -Safe at home
J K and co -Suddenly one summer (10″)
Jefferson Airplane -Surealistic pillow
Jesus and Mary Chain -The complete John Peel Sessions
Elton John -Greatest hits
Rickie Lee Jones -Pop pop
Jonesy -Keeping up
Joy Division -The complete BBC recordings
Joy Division -Les Bains Douches (2lp)
Justified Ancients of mu mu -Shag times
Kaleidoscope -same
Kaleidoscope -Side trips
Kaleidoscope -Faintly blowing
The Kinks -BBC Sessions 1964-1977 (3lp)
The Knaves -Leave me alone (10″)
Kraftwerk -1
Kraftwerk -2
Kraftwerk -Ralf and Florian
Kraftwerk -Tone float
The La’ s -Callin’all (the lost La’s)
Lenny Kravitz -Best of
Led Zeppelin -2
Led Zeppelin -3
Led Zeppelin -4
Led Zeppelin -Physical graffity
Love -Electrically speaking
NV Groep 65 -Dankzij de heer (10″)
Buffy Saint Marie -Illuminations
John Mayall -Bluesbreakers
MC5 -Kick out the jams
MC5 -Starship (live 1968)
Paul McCartney /Wings -Wingspan (4lp)
Metallica -And justice for all (2lp)
Metallica -Kill em all
Metallica -Load (2lp)
Metallica -Master of puppets
Metallica -Metallica (2lp)
Metallica -Reload (2lp)
Metallica -Ride the lightning
Metallica -S & M (3lp)
Mike and the Mechanics -Living years
Peter Miller -World war IV
The Missing Links -same
Monkees -The Monkees
Monkees -More of the Monkees
Monkees -Headquarters
Monkees -Pisces Aquarius Capricorn and Jones Ltd.
Monkees -The birds, the bees and the Monkees
Motions -Introduction to the Motions
Music Emporium -same
Music Machine -Turn on
Nazz -Nazz Nazz
Fred Neil- Bleecker and MacDougal
The New Mix -same (10″)
New York Dolls -Endless party
The Only Ones -Remains
Orient Express -same
Outsiders -CQ
The Pagans -Shit street
The Pagans -The pink album… plus
Peanut Butter Conspiracy -is spreading
Peanut Butter Conspiracy -The great conspiracy
Pere Ubu -The art of walking
Peter and Blizzards -same (10″)
Phluph -same
Iggy Pop -Raw power
Elvis Presley -same
Elvis Presley -55 Live
Elvis Presley -50 greatest hits
Elvis Presley -Live in Las Vegas 5lp set
Elvis Presley -Jailhouse rock
Elvis Presley -King Creole
Elvis Presley -Loving you
Prince -Purple rain
Q 65 -Revolution
Q 65 -Revival
Queen -A night at the opera
? and the Mysterians -More action
Radio Birdman -The essential Radio Birdman (+ bonus 7″)
Redcoats -Meets the Redcoats-finally
Otis Redding -Otis blue
Otis Redding -King and Queen
Otis Redding -Dictionary of soul
Red House Painters -Old ramon (2lp)
Lou Reed -American poet  -live 1972 (2lp)
Lou Reed -Transformer
Ride -OX4 -The best of Ride
The Rising sons -same
Rolling Stones -Beggars banquet
Rolling Stones -Hot rocks 1964-71 (2lp)
Ronettes -Presenting the fabulous Ronettes
Ronny and the Daytonas -GTO
Ronny and the Daytonas -Sandy
Sade -Diamond life
Samiam -Clumsy
Samiam -You are freaking me out
Sanctions/Jim and the Lords -Then came the Electric Prunes
Screaming Lord Sutch -Munster rock
The Seeds -same
The Seeds -A web of sound
Shagrat -Pink jackets required
Shangrilas -Leader of the pack
Sigmund Snopek III -Virginia Woolf 2
Paul Simon -Graceland
Small Faces -The BBC sessions
Small Faces -The autumn stone (2lp)
Soft Boys -Underwater moonlight (3lp +bonus 7″)
Sonics -Boom
Sonics -Here are the Sonics
Sonics -The savage young Sonics
Spencer Davis Group -Funky (2lp incl. 10 bonus tracks)
Bruce Springsteen -Born to run
Standells -The live one (10″)
Cat Stevens -Mona bona jakon
Sting -Mercury falling
Stranglers -IV Ratuus norvegicus
Surprieze -same
The Swell Maps -Sweep the desert
Tangerine -The peeling of
Television -The blow up
13th Floor Elevators -Easter everywhere
13th Floor Elevators -The psychedelic sound of
13th Floor Elevators -Live
Richard Thompson -Action packed (2lp)
Johny Thunders -Unreleased live and studio
Tomorrow -Christmas on Earth continued
Traffic -John Barleycorn must die
Twice as Much -Own up
Ultimate Spinach -The box (3lp)
United States of America -same
Velvet Underground -Loaded
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band -Volume One
The Who -Live at the Isle of Wight (3lp)
The Who -Live at Leeds
The Who -A quick one
Steve Winwood -Roll with it
Yardbirds -Roger the engineer
Yesterday’s Children -same
Zakary Thaks -From the habit
v.a. -Chocolate soup for diabetics volume 1-3
v.a. -Collecting peppermint clouds vol. 2
v.a. -The lost generation vol. 3
v.a. -Pebbles box set
v.a. – The psychedelic experience vol. 3
v.a. -Psychedelic states -Florida in the 60’s
v.a. -Rubble vol. 13/14/15/16/17/18
v.a. -Riot on sunset strip /soundtrack