releases 2004

wk  =weeknummer dat titel aan de releaselijst is toegevoegd
=week number the release was added to the list

mfs =Mobile Fidelity Sound /US record label
cr /classic    =Classic Records /US record label
earmark =Italian record label
akarma  =Italian record label
get back =Italian record label
excelsior =Dutch record label
sundazed =US record label
rhino =us record label
radio active =us record label

wk      artist/title
25       !!! -Louden up now (2lp)
39       22-20’s -22-20’s
13       A Certain Ratio -To each (re /1981 lp)
26       A Girl called Eddy -A Girl called Eddy
26       A Hawk and a Hacksaw -A Hawk and a Hacksaw
14       Adem -Homesongs
14       Aerosmith -Honkin’ on Bobo
52       Affinity -Affinity (re/1970 lp/akarma)
05       Air -Talkie walkie
31       The Album Leaf -In a safe place
12       All Night Radio -Spirit stereo frequency
24       Dave Allan & the Arrows -Devil’s rumble Anthology 64-68 (2lp Sundazed)
51       American Music Club -Love songs for patriots
19       Animal Collective -Sung tongs
34       Antaxia -Automatic writing
48       Antenna Erupt -Magical energy
42       Apostle of Hustle -Folcloric feel
31       Archie Bronson Outfit -Fur
45       Joseph Arthur -Our shadwos will remain
21       Ash -Meltdown
35       Ash ra tempel -Correlations (re/1979 lp)
16       Ativin -Night mute
11       Au Pairs -Sense and sensuality (re /Earmark)
42       Brian Auger -Get Auger-nized/The mod years (2lp Earmark)
17       Automato -Automato
38       The Autumn Defense -Circles
34       David Axelroth -Songs of experience  (re)
48       Babes in Toyland -Best of Babes in Toyland
26       Badly Drawn Boy -One plus one is one
22       Barracudas -Drop out with (re/1981)
09       Bauer -Baueresque (Excelsior)
25       Beastie Boys -To the 5 boroughs
21       Beat Happening -Dreamy (re/1991)
38       The Beatnuts -Milk me
36       Beep Beep -Business casual
27       The Bees -Free the Bees
18       Beta Band -Heroes to zeros
41       Biffy Clyro -Infinity land
24       Birthmark -Lost found
36       Bjork -Medulla (2lp)
33       Black Dice -Creature comforts
09       Black Eyed Peas -Elephunk (2lp)
11       Black Heart Procession/Solbakken -In the fishtank
37       The Black Keys -Rubber factory
34       Black Lips -We did not know the forest spirit made…
16       Black Sabbath -Sabotage (re /earmark)
21       Black Sabbath -Technical ecstasy (re 1976 /earmark)
28       Black Sabbath -Live evil (re/earmark)
34       Black Sabbath -Paranoid (re/rhino)
34       Black Sabbath -Live at last (re /1980 lp/earmark)
38       Black Sabbath -Born again (re/1983 lp/earmark)
22       Black Time -Blackout
44       Mary Black -By the time it gets dark
12       Blonde Redhead -Misery is a butterfly
25       Blue States -The soundings
40       Blues Explosion -Damage
18       Blueskins -Word of mouth
14       Bonnie Prince Billy -Greatest Palace music
09       The Brian Jonestown Massacre -And this is our music
52       Brides of destruction -Here come the brides
51       The Brimsstone Solar Radiation Band -same
42       Brooks -Red tape
38       Ian Brown -Solarized
50       Jeff Buckley -Grace (re + bonus 7 inch)
18       Tim Buckley -Dreamletter Live in London 1968 (Get Back 2lp)
37       Tim Buckley -Sefronia (re/1973 lp/get back)
47       Burmese -Men
16       The Butchies -Make yr life
46       Brendan Butler -Killer on the road
23       By Coastal Cate -Old cartoons
35       John Cale -New York in the 1960’s (5lp box)
05       Califone -Heron king blues
32       Call and response -Winds take no shape
17       Isobel Campbell -Time is just the same
17       Candidate -Under the skylon
28       Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band -Magneticism
31       Mara Carlyle -The lovely
38       Johnny Cash -Greatest! (re/1959 lp/get back)
24       The Catheters -Howling it grows and grows
39       Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -Abatooir blues/
the lyre of orpheus (2lp)
34       The Champs -Tequila (ace)
49       Ray Charles -Genius loves company
36       Vic Chestnutt -Silver lake
21       Eric Clapton -Me and Mr. Johnson (cr)
29       Charalambides -Joy shapes
21       Charlatans -Up at the lake
40       Cheer Accidnet -Introducing lemon
30       The Chinese Stars -A rare sensation
28       Clark -Hutchinson  -A=MH2 (re/akarma)
39       The Clash -London calling  (2lp/re)
28       Clayhill -Cuban green
35       Clinic -Winchester cathedral
34       Cobra Killer -76/77
51       Collections of colonies of bees-Customer
38       Comets on Fire -Blue cathedral
19       Comus -First utterance (re)
31       The Concretes -The Concretes
05       Bobby Conn -The homeland
08       The Constatines -Shine a light
16       Converge -Unloved and weeded out
28       Sam Cooke -The wonderful world of (re/get back)
38       Sam Cooke -Sam Cooke (re/1975 lp/earmark)
52       Sam Cooke -Encore (re/1958 lp/get back)
05       The Coral -Nightfreak and the sons of becker
35       Cosmic couriers -Take your headphones
40       Elvis Costello -The delivery man
21       Graham Coxon -Happiness in magazines
13       Crackout -Oh no!
28       The Creation -The best of the Creation (re)
46       Creedence Clearwater Revival -Best of Bayou country
46       Creedence Clearwater Revival -Best of CCR
46       Creedence Clearwater Revival -Best of Cosmos factory
46       Creedence Clearwater Revival -Best of Green river
46       Creedence Clearwater Revival -Best of Mardi gras
46       Creedence Clearwater Revival -Best of Willy and the poor boys
                   (alle CCR titels betreffen 45 toeren lps!)
04       Crosby Stills Nash and Young -Deja vu (cr /200 gr)
50       David Crosby -If I could only remember my name
(4 one sided 12 inch records) (classic)
14       The Crystal Method -Legion of boom (2lp)
18       Cuby + Blizzards -Desolation (re/180 grs)
27       The Cure -The Cure
14       Cypress Hill -Till death do us part (2lp)
51       The Damned -Damned damned damned (re/earmark)
06       Daryll-Ann  -Don’t stop  (ltd 500 copies/ Excelsior)
16       Dandy Warhols -Monkey house (yellow vinyl)
23       The Datsuns -Outta sight outta mind
45       De La Soul -The grind date
51       Grey De Lisle -The graceful ghost
16       Deadbeat -Something borrowed, blue
46       Dead machines -Human brain washing syndrome
15       Death cab for cuties -Transatlantiscism (2lp)
09       The Decemberists /Her majesty, the Decemberists
47       Deep Purple -Burn (30th ann.edition -2lp)
23       Deerhoof -Milk man
39       The Delgados -Universal audio
51       Depeche Mode -Remixes 81-04 (6lp)
45       The Detroit Cobras -Baby
34       Dido -Life for rent (classic)
26       Die Haut and Nick Cave -Burnin’ the ice (re/1983 lp)
07       Dillinger -Cocaine in my brain (Earmark)
32       The Dillinger Escape Plan -Miss machine
32       Dios -Dios
50       Dirty Vegas -One
07       Discharge -Decontrol/singles (Earmark)
26       Division of Laura Lee -Das not compute
37       Dizzee Rascal -Showtime
44       Dolly Varden -The turnbest magnets
48       Dolorean -Violence in the snowy fields
44       The Donnas -Gold medal
34       Dr. John -Gris girs (re/rhino)
24       Nick Drake -Made to love magic
41       Nick Drake -A treasury -the best of
46       Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger Trinity -Open (re/earmark)
41       Duran Duran -Astronaut
25       Bob Dylan -Live 1964 Bootleg series vol. 6 (cr)
16       Drew -Songs from the devil’s chimney
28       Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger -London 1964-1967
48       Dungen -Ta det lugnt
38       Dust -Dust (re/1971 lp/akarma)
44       Dust -Hard attack (akarma)
34       Earl Zinger -Speaker stack commandments
38       Eire Apparent -Sunrise (re/1971 lp/akarma)
12       The Elected -Me first
06       Electrelane -The power out
35       The Electric Banana -Rape up with…
09       Electric Prunes -I had too much to dream (re/180 gr.)
47       Electroputas -3
13       Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera (re /1967 lp)
48       Embrace -Out of nothing
49       Eminem -Encore (2lp)
44       The Emperor Machine -Aimee tallulah is hypnotised
24       Evil Tordivel -A fine young man
48       Excepter -Ka
14       The Fairways -Is everything all right?
43       Marianne Faithfull -Before the poison
24       Faithless -No roots (2lp)
38       The Fall -Grotesque (re/1980 lp /earmark)
38       The Fall -Tutale’s turn (re /earmark)
46       The Fall -Pearl city (get back)
46       The Fall -The idiot joy show (get back0
37       The Farm Band -On the rim of the Nashville basin
41       Fatboy Slim -Palookaville
21       Faultline -Your love means everything
44       The Flamin’ Groovies -Sneakers 9akarma)
42       The Flaming Stars -Named and shamed
36       Flash Express -Introducing the dyamite sound of..
31       The Flesh -Sweet defeat
46       The Flesh -The Flesh
38       Fly Pan Am -N’ecoutez pas
41       Flogging Molly -Within a  mile of home
24       Ford’s Imaginary Inferno -Meet the children of …
48       The Forty-Fives -High life high volume
11       Jackson C. Frank -Jackson C.Frank (re 1965 /Earmark)
51       Aretha Franklin -I never loved a man the way ..(re/1967 lp)
51       Aretha Franklin -Soul 69 (re 1969 lp)
51       Aretha Franklin -Spirit in the dark (re 1970 lp)
03       Franz Ferdinand -Live 2003 (ltd 500 copies)
07       Franz Ferdinand -Franz Ferdinand
24       French Kicks -The trial of the century
50       John Frusciante -A sphere in the heart of silence
35       The Fucking AM -Gold
13       Future Pilot aka -Salute your soul
29       The Futureheads -The Futureheads
04       Peter Gabriel -Plays live (cr /200 gr)
22       Peter Gabriel -Passion (cr/200 gr)
22       Peter Gabriel -Birdy (cr/200 gr)
52       Peter Gabriel -Shaking the tree (cr/200 gr)
19       Gandalf -Gandalf (re)
48       Gang gang dance -Gang gang dance
07       G.B.H. -The punk singles 1981-1984 (Earmark)
16       Ghost -Hypnotic world
38       Giant Sand -Is all over the map
39       The Go Find -Miami
42       Goatsnake -Trampled under hoof
46       Gold Chains -When the world was our friend
18       Golden Earrings -Just Earrings (re/180 grs)
23       Golden Virgins -Songs of praise
38       Goldie Looking Chain -Greatest hits
42       Holly Golightly -Slowly but surely
21       Gomez -Split the difference
34       The Good Life -Album of the year
26       David Goswell -Waves are universal
38       The Go Team -Thunder lightning, strike
43       Gravenhurst -Flashlight seasons
45       Gravenhurst -Black holes in the sand
44       Peter Green -Man of the world-
Anthology 1968-1983 (earmark)
18       Boudewijn de Groot -Voor de overlevenden (re/180 grs)
37       Guided by Voices -Half smiles of the decomposed
42       Guided by Voices -Bee thousand:the directors cut (3lp set)
43       The Gun Club -Miami
35       Half Cousin -The function room
46       Hall of Fame -Paradise now
51       Handsome boy modeling school -White people
45       Har Mar Superstar -The handler
38       Ed Harcourt -Strangers
23       P.J. Harvey -Uh huh her
34       Charlotte Hatherley -Grey will fade
14       Haven -All for a reason
38       Hayden -Elk lake serenade
04       Isaac Hayes -Hot buttered soul (mfs)
38       Helio Sequence -Love and distance
16       Hellacopters -Cream of the crap vol. 2
44       Help she can’t swim -Fashionista super dance troupe
04       Jimi Hendrix -Scorsese presents The Blues (cr /200 gr)
16       Jimi Hendrix -Studio outtakes vol. 1 1966-68
18       Jimi Hendrix/Little Richard -Friends from the
beginning (Akarma)
44       Jimi Hendrix -Live at L’Olympia
50       Jimi Hendrix -Live at Woodstock (3 lp box
plus bonus 7 inch) (classic)
22       The Heptones -The meaning of life/
best of 1966-1976 (2lp/earmark)
10       Gill Scott Heron -Pieces of man (re/1971)
16       The Hidden Cameras -Play the CBC sessions
30       The Hidden Cameras -Mississauga goddam
46       High Water Marks -Songs about the ocean
48       Robyn Hitchcock -Spooked
30       The Hives -Tyrannosaurus Hives
52       Jake Holmes -A letter to Katherine December
24       Hope of the states -The lost riots
26       Hot Chip -Coming on strong
49       Hot Snakes -Audit in progress
12       H.P. Lovecraft -2 (re /180 gr.)
34       Humble Pie -Rockin’ at the Fillmore (re/classic)
36       The Hunches -Hobo sunrise
22       Ian and Sylvia -Four strong winds (re /cisco)
24       Ikara Colt -Modern apprentice
10       Ilya -They died for beauty
06       Ill ease -The exorcist
48       Intelligence -Boredom and terror
36       International Airport -Reunion of island goose
31       The (International)Noise Conspiracy -Armed love
28       International Submarine Band -Safe at home (re/sundazed)
34       Interpol -Turn on the bright lights
40       Interpol -Antics
17       Iron and Wine -Our endless numbered days (with ltd 7″)
46       Isley Brothers (& Jimi Hendrix) -Testify (re/1964 lp)
38       Jade Warrior -Breathing/Echoes  (re/2lp)
14       Janet Jackson -Damita Jo (2lp)
15       Jesus and Mary Chain -Psychocandy (re 1985 /Rhino 180 gr.)
12       Jet -Get born (ltd white vinyl)
34       Joan of Arc -Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain
09       Norah Jones -Feels like home
42       Rickie Lee Jones -The evening of my best day
50       Joy Division -Les baines douches vol.1 + vol. 2(get back)
16       J.R. Ewing -Calling in dead
47       Jukes -A thousand dreamers
25       Junior Boys -Last exit
14       Kaito -Band red
20       Keane -Hope and fears
46       Khonnor -Handwriting
24       The Killers -Hot fuss
21       King Midas -Romeo turn
26       Kings of Convenience -Riot on an empty street
45       Kings of Leon -A-ha shake heart break
05       Kinobe -Wide open
35       The Kitchen -Foreign objects
22       Klang -No sound is heard
44       Mark Knopfler -Shangri-La
33       Diana Krall -The girl in the other room
26       Alison Krauss & Union Station -So long so wrong (mfs)2lp
30       The Ladybug Transistor -The Ladybug Transistor
07       Lambchop -Aw c’mon/No you c’mon (2lp)
32       Mark Lanegan -Bubblegum
37       The Last Poets -Right on (re/1971 lp)
36       Lazyboy -Penguin rock
44       Le Tigre -This island
44       Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers -Believe
34       The Legends -Up against the legends
44       Les georges leningrad -Sur le traces de black eskimo
04       John Lennon -Imagine (mfs)
09       Liars -They were wrong, so we drowned
36       The Libertines -The Libertines
35       Little Wings -Magic wand
19       Loadstone -Loadstone (re)
12       Locomotive -We are everything you see (re/180 gr)
10       Lone Pigeon -Schoozzmimii
48       Los Straitjackets -‘Tis the season for
09       Love -Four sail (re/180 gr. Sundazed)
49       The Love Generation -A generation of love (re)
26       Magnus -The body gave you everything (2lp)
32       Jesse Malin -The heat
45       Manic Street Preachers -Lifeblood
04       Aimee Mann -Lost in space (mfs)
42       Marilyn Manson -Lest we forget/the best of
22       Bob Marley and the Wailers -Soul rebels
44       Willy Mason -Where the humans eat
27       Mass -Revolution
38       Mastodon -Leviathan
44       Syd Matters -A whisper and a sigh
28       Curtis Mayfield -Rapping (re 1972 /get back)
10       Cass Mcccombs
34       Sarah McLachlan -Afterglow (classic)
43       Bitty McLean -On bond street
21       Mclusky -The difference between me and you…
08       Mellow -Perfect colours
14       Mellow Candle -Swaddling songs (re/1972)
05       Mice Parade -Obrigado saudade
51       Minor majority -Up for you and I
29       The Minus 5 -Down with Wilco (2lp)
34       The Misfits -Die ruckkehr der reitenden leichen
23       Mission of Burma -Onoffon
24       The Misunderstood -Lost acetates
52       Moby Grape -Legendary Grape (re/1989 lp/earmark)
22       The Modern Lovers -The original Modern Lovers (re)
04       Jason Molina  -The pyramid electric company (lp + cd)
38       Juana Molina -Tres cosas
42       Money Mark -Demo or demolition
15       Monster Magnet -Monolithic baby (2lp)
48       Ian Moore -Luminaria
21       Morrissey -You are the quarry
06       The Mountain Goats -We shall be all healed
07       Motorhead -Another perfect day (re 1983 lp /Get Back)
16       Motorhead -Orgasmatron (re /earmark)
22       Motorhead -Rock n roll (re 1987 /earmark)
34       Motorhead -England (3lp set /earmark))
39       The Music -Welcome to the north
45       Willie Nelson-It always will be
48       Willie Nelson -Stardust (re/1978 lp/cr/200 gr. 4lp set)
14       N.E.R.D. -Fly or die (2lp)
44       Aaron Neville -Like it ’tis (get back)
48       New Edition -One love
34       The New Year -The end is near
28       New York Dolls -New York Dolls (re)
28       New York Dolls -Too much too soon (re)
28       A.C. Newman -The slow wonder
19       Joanne Newson -The milk-eyed mender
07       90 Day Men -Panda Park
46       Oak -Building steam
17       Wil Oldham -Seafarer’s music
05       Oneida -Secret wars
28       The Open -The silent hours
27       Orange Goblin -Thieving from the house of God
26       Roy Orbison -The all time greatest hits (re/2lp/180 gr.)
48       Roy Orbison -In dreams (200 gr. stereo/re/cr)
28       The Ordinary Boys -Over the counter culture
26       Orbital -Blue album
27       Jim O’Rourke -Eureka
31       Jim O’Rourke -Two organs
37       The Other Half -The Other Half (re /radio active)
40       Oxes -Oxxxes
41       Panda bear -Young prayer
10       Papa M -Hole of burning alms
04       Pearl Jam -Lost dogs  (3lp set)
48       The Pearlfishers -A sunflower at Christmas
48       The Peddlers -Three in a cell  (re)
45       Pedro -Fear and resillience remixes
16       Pelican city -Rhode island
16       Phoenix -Alphabetical
26       Pink Grease -This is for real
43       Pinback -Summer in Abaddon
38       Pixies -Come on pilgrim (re/1987 lp)
38       Pixies -Doolittle (re/1989 lp)
38       Pixies -Surfer rosa (re)
50       Placebo -Once more with feeling Singles 1996-2004
07       The Pogues -Red roses for me (re /green vinyl)
07       The Pogeus -Run sodomy and the lash (re /green vinyl)
33       The Pogues -Streams of whiskey (2lp)
23       Robert Pollard -Fiction man
29       The Polyphonic Spree -Together we’re heavy
48       The Postal Service -Give up (2lp red vinyl)
24       Poster Children -No more songs about sleep and fire
28       Elvis Presley -Elvis at Sun
40       Elvis Presley -A date with Elvis (re)
08       Preston School of Industry -Monsoon
05       The Pretty Things -SF Sorrow (re /mono)
35       The Prodigy -Always outnumbered, never outgunned
08       Probot -Probot
34       The Promise Ring -Nothing feels good
36       The Radio Dept -Lesser matters
38       Radio 4 -Stealing of a nation
12       Raiders of the lost arp -4
22       Ramones -live, Jan.7,1978 at the Palladium NYC (2lp earmark)
28       Ramones -Ramones (re)
28       Ramones -Leave home  (re)
48       Ramones -You don’t come close (get back)
17       Ratatat -Ratatat
27       Razorlight -Up all night
49       Rebelski -Stickers on keys
09       Red Hot Chili Peppers -Greatest hits
44       Red Hot Chili Peppers -Live in Hyde Park (4lp)
40       Lou Reed, John Cale and Nico -Le Bataclan 72(Get Back)
07       Reign Ghost -Reign Ghost (re 1969 lp/Akarma)
09       R.E.M. -In time /best of 1988/2003 (ltd 2lp)
44       R.E.M. -Around the world
09       Remo Four -Smile
11       John Renbourn -Another Monday (re 1966 /Earmark)
21       John Renbourn -The lady and the unicorn (re/1970 Earmark)
27       The Residents -The king and eye -remix
27       The Residents -WB-rmx
37       Reverend Horton Heat -Revival
07       Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers –
                                    The best of (2lp /Earmark)
34       Jonathan Richman -Back in your life (re /earmark)
38       Jonathan Richman -Rock n roll with the Modern Lovers
(re/1977 lp/earmark)
50       Rilo Kiley -More adventurous
22       Rocket from the tombs -Rocket redux
37       The Roger Sisters -Three fingers
38       Rogue Wave -Out of the shadow
22       Max Romeo -The coming of Jah:Anthology 1967-1971 (2lp)
48       Dexter Romweber -Blues that defy my soul
44       Jack Rose -Raag manifestos
41       RTX -Transmaniacon
26       Rueben -Racecar is racecar backwards
41       The Sadies -Favourite colours
48       Saint Etienne -Travel edition 1990-2005 (2lp)
41       Saybia -These are the days
18       Schneider TM  -Reconfigures
11       Seachange -Lay of the land
19       The Seeds -A web of sound (re/1966 lp)
40       Selfish c*nt -No wicked heart hasll prosper
05       Sia -Colour the small one
30       Secret Machines -Now here is nowhere
12       The Shins -Chutes too narrow
15       Shit and Shine -You’re lucky to have friends like us
22       Shiva’s Headband -Psychedelic yesterday
31       Shystre -Diamond in the dirt
48       Sightings -Arrive in gold
51       Judee Sill -Judee Sill (re)
51       Judee Sill -Heart food  (re)
26       Carly Simon -Reflections /greatest hits (2lp)
48       The Sirens -The Sirens
19       Sluts of Trust -We are all sluts of trust
43       Elliott Smith -From a basement on the hill
20       Patti Smith -Trampin
26       The Smoke -It’s Smoke time (re/1967 lp)
06       Snow Patrol -Final straw
51       Social Distortion -Sex, love and rock n roll
35       The Solution -Communicate
31       Sonic Youth /Jimi O’Rourke -Invito al cielo
34       Sonic Youth -Sonic nurse
29       Sons and Daughters -Love the cup
07       Sophia -People are like seasons
35       Soulwax -Any minute now
44       The Soundtrack of Our Lives -Origin (1)
14       Spencer Davis Group -With their new face on (re/1967)
08       John Squire -Marhall’s house
09       The Stands -All years leaving
10       Statistics -Leave your name
22       Status Quo -Spare parts (re/1969 lp)
28       Status Quo -Mak kelly’s greasy spoon (re/earmark)
50       Gwen Stefani -Love angel music baby 92lp)
06       Stereolab -Margerine eclipse (2lp)
12       Sufjan Stevens -Seven swans
39       Sufjan Stevens -Michigan
42       Rod Stewart -Stardust /Great American songbook vol. 3
42       The Stilettos -Making history by repeating it
08       Joss Stone -Soul sessions
44       Joss Stone -Mind body soul
18       Stone the Crows -Stone the Crows (Akarma)
28       Stone the Crows -Ode to John law (Akarma)
38       Stone the Crows -Ontinious performance
(re/1972 lp/akarma)
20       The Streets -A grand don’t come free
43       Sum 41 -Chuck
36       Sun Kil Moon -Ghosts of the great highway
41       Super Furry Animals -Songbook -the singles volume 1
25       Supergrass – Is 10 (2 x 10 inch/best of)
41       Superthriller -Superthriller 1
08       David Sylvian -Blemish
06       Telefon Tel Aviv -Map of what is effortless
28       Temptations -Psychedelic shack (re)
44       Thee Shams -Please yourself
29       The Thermals -Fuckin A
09       Things to come -I want out (Sundazed)
49       Third Ear Band -The magus (akarma)
40       Thirteen Senses -The invitation
08       13th Floor Elevators -Bull of the woods (re 1968/Earmark)
38       The Thrills =Let’s bottle bohemia
14       Throbbing Gristle -Mutant TG
07       Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers
-Live at the Speakeasy (Earmark)
28       Johnny Thunders -You can’t put your arms..(earmark)
42       Todd -Purity pledge
48       Tokyo Sex Destruction -Black noise is the new sound
48       The Tower Recordings -The galaxys incredible sensual..
34       Pete Townshend -Who came first (re/classic)
09       Trans AM -Liberation
38        Ike and Tina Turner -In person (re/1969 lp/get back)
24        TV on the Radio -Desperate youth, blood thirsty babes
48       U2 -How to dismantle an atom bomb
07       UK Subs -Another kind of blues ( re-1979 lp /Get Back)
22       The Undertones -The Undertones (re /1979)
24       The Unicorns -Who will cut our hair when we’re gone
46       Unkle -Never never land  (3lp edition)
34       Uriah Heep -Demons and wizards (re/1972 lp/earmark)
48       U.S. 69 -Yesterday’s folks  (re)
09       Vanilla Fudge -Vanilla Fudge (re/or.mono mix/Sundazed)
25       Velvet Revolver -Contraband
26       Gene Vincent -Sounds like Gene Vincent (re/1959 lp)
26       Gene Vincent -Crazy times (re)
13       The Vines -Winning days
09       Von Bondies -Pawn shopple heart
18       Tom Waits -Early years vol. 1 (Get Back)
28       Tom Waits -Early years vol. 2 (get back)
41       Tom Waits -Real gone
36       Scott Walker -4 (re/1969 lp)
28       Watts 103rd street rythm band -In the jungle(re/1969)
22       Ween -Quebec (2lp)
15       Weird War -If you can’t beat ‘em, bite ‘em
38       Paul Weller -Studio 150
14       The Who -Live at the Royal Albert Hall (4lp)
26       White Magic -Through the sun door
46       Widespread Panic -Jackassolantern
46       Robbie Williams -Greatest hits 2lp
28       Brian Wilson -Getting in over my head  2lp
46       Brian Wilson -Smile  2lp
40       Winnebago Deal -Dead gone
21       Patrik Wolf -Lycanthropy
28       Bobby Womack -Fly me to the moon (re/get back)
52       Bobby Womack -My prescription (re 1969 lp/get back)
24       Link Wray & his Ray Men -The Swan singles collection
1963-1967 (2lp  Sundazed)
07       The Yardbirds -Blueswailing live 1964 (Earmark/Sundazed)
49       Yohimbe Brothers -The Tao of Yo
40       James Yorkston -Just beyond the river
16       Young heart attack -Mouthful of love
41       Neil Young -Greendale (3lp box /classic records)
38       Thalia Zedek -Trust not these inw whom without
10       Zero 7 -When it falls
12       Warren Zevon -The wind
18       The Zutons -Who killed the Zutons
07 -The Roxy London WC2 (Jan-April 1977)(Earmark)
08 -Turin Brakes:Late night
22 -Kill Bill 2 /soundtrack